Inspired by Actual Events, New Historical Adventure Novel Celebrates the Role of Women in the Battle for America’s Independence

The contributions of women to the American Revolution are often ignored. Answering Liberty’s Call: Anna Stone’s Daring Ride to Valley Forge, tells the story of one woman’s heroic mission of mercy. The heart-racing novel draws inspiration from actual events experienced by one of the author’s ancestors, and the new, second edition is on sale just in time to celebrate Women’s History Month.

Answering Liberty’s Call is “[A] grand and rollicking revolutionary adventure undertaken by a young mother and brave American patriot.” —Historical Novel Society, Editor’s Choice Selection

As the wife of a preacher-turned-soldier, a healer, and mother of three, Anna knows her place in this world. She tends to things at home while her husband and brothers fight for liberty. But when her loved ones face starvation at Valley Forge, she refuses to sit idly by.

Armed with life-sustaining supplies, Anna strikes out alone on horseback over 200 miles of rough and dangerous terrain. Despite perilous setbacks along the way, sheer determination carries her toward her destination. When she learns of a plot to overthrow General Washington, her mission becomes more important than ever. With the fate of the American Revolution in her hands and one of the conspirators hot on her trail, Anna races to deliver a message of warning to Valley Forge before it’s too late.

Based on events in the life of the author’s sixth-great-grandmother.

Anna Stone and her family moved west after the American Revolution, first to what is now West Virginia, then to Pennsylvania, and finally to Ohio in the early years of the nineteenth century. Her husband, Benjamin, was a Baptist preacher who planted churches on the frontier until he was in his eighties. They lived as far west as Guernsey County before settling near Cadiz. Anna’s children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren would gather around to hear her tell of her adventures during the cold winter of 1778. One of her descendants published an account of her journey in a genealogical journal in 1903. Two of her great-great granddaughters organized a DAR chapter named in her honor in 1923, and Anna’s story was published a second time.

Author Tracy Lawson, a direct descendant of Anna and Benjamin, used the 1923 version of the tale as the basis for Answering Liberty’s Call.

The second edition of this acclaimed historical adventure novel has a brand-new look!

Pre-order now and get it on March 29, 2022.