Women’s History Store

I had and idea and then partnered with Samantha Vickers, a Graphics Artist at Intention Studio Design, LLC (in Cleveland). She gave me a file which I uploaded onto the sportswear items that you see here. The proceeds from the sales of these products will go to fund Ohio Women’s History Project. This is a new business I am creating to educate and bring awareness to women in history from this state. Thank you for your business! 

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You Don’t Need a Prince To Lead a Charming Life

Why be a princess when you can be a Queen? Not the Queen of country but of your own domain, your life. You don’t need a man to have what you want in life. Naturally, we want to share our life with someone but first we need to find out who we are, establish ourselves as women and then consider who we will choose to spend our time with. Either, you’ve made some mistakes and feel you need some guidance on how to re-think your future or, you have just started out on your road to college and would like some advice navigating this road ahead. With all the negative representations of women we are presented with in today’s society don’t you want to change all of this and be a part of a different world? Do you ever ask yourself these questions: How can I, as a woman, reclaim my power? How can I, as a woman, reclaim my pride and self-respect? How do I, as a woman, ask for what I want in a polite or diplomatic way, rather than demand it? How do I, as a woman, find a person to share my life with and create a long-lasting union? A relationship that I will be happy with, not just tolerating. How do I, as a woman, put an end to divorce and babies out of wedlock and abuse rates rising higher and higher? How do I, as a woman, go back to a state of elegance, a time of pride and family, but also of love, peace and harmony? How do I, as a woman, create new rules for how to behave in society? This book will help you to find these answers; if only you will give it a try.

The Uprisers

In The Uprisers, after eleven years of brutal communist leadership, a young girl and her brother join a grass roots campaign to end oppression in Hungary. The siblings are followed by thousands of other students, professors, and local workers, and what begins as a peaceful march ends in a brutal massacre. One will perish and the other will make it safely to America. In the U.S., the battle is not over, and our protagonist is put in the middle of yet one more fight to save the honor of the “Old Country.” Ten years later the hero returns home on a job assignment, immediately impacted by the communist regime and a detective of Russian heritage. The story ends as the Iron Curtain is lifted and the second generation feels the impact of its past. One of them becomes determined to share the family legacy.